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Currently, I am a storyboard artist for theDrawShop in Salt Lake City, Utah. We create whiteboard videos for marketing and advertising.


Above you can see my storyboard and the filmed image.

I am frequently hired to help visually develop or help a client envision what their finished project might look like.


Above is a gas station "re-imagine" for Ward Engineering in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This project was done using the Adobe Creative Suite.

Along the same theme of visual development, above is a character design for a children's book. As you can see it's a book about a chef.

I love to work with various papers and mediums. This illustration is done on Canson paper, with a newsprint background, using ball point pen and colored pencil.

This project was a favorite because I was able to utilize my academic drawing skills to help me visually communicate a sense of progression. This commission was designed to commemorate the career of a podiatrist and to show that he was moving on.

I find myself bouncing back and forth between traditional illustration and digital. This is a self-promotion piece entitled "Gattaca."

This piece is created with digital photography, and digital painting.

I am always sketching as I travel around. One of my favorite places to sketch is in any museum. Drawing helps me to study and retain information. These illustrations are pen and ink.

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